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Welcome to Warrior Women

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Our Mission:

To be an alternative to the more mainstream magazines.

Warrior Women is undergoing a few changes namely becoming more of a blog format than a magazine for the time being.

Aimed at, but not exclusive to, young women to empower and encourage them to follow their dreams and aspirations with wisdom and open minds- expanding their knowledge. Encouraging them to believe in themselves and embrace their inner warrior.

Focusing on education through our articles to open up discussions about subjects that need addressing in the ‘world’. Openly talking about things that may otherwise be ‘swept under the rug’.


Warrior Women Magazine is currently 100% self funded by our founder, who is working hard towards taking the magazine as far as it can go in the right way. All donations, financial support and social support is highly appreciated and this project will not be sustainable without it! YOU can show your support by subscribing via the website; liking, commenting on and sharing posts and following the upcoming links to donate towards upkeep and running of the website, production of articles and soon to be printed issues!


Just one small step and one large effort to change the world for the better.

Stop gossip. Stop superficial judgement. Stop self-loathing RIGHT NOW!

Here at Warrior Women we believe it is time to take action against the presumptuous onslaught of mainstream media and so we are bringing you an alternative magazine.


We will be tackling important issues that women face; talking openly and freely about the ‘nitty gritty’ everyday things that can sometimes make each and every one of us feel unwanted or uncomfortable. It is time to stand together and support one another. Collaborate, not compete. Connect, not condemn. Once we stop judging ourselves and others so harshly, we can move towards a life with less drama and more happiness.


For too long we have let mainstream media dictate how we should live our lives, what beauty looks like, even what happiness is. They couldn’t be more wrong.


We are not mindless drones. We are not objects.


We are Warrior Women!

YOU can support us!

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You make the difference!

Here at Warrior Women, we are battling to make positive changes in the world but we cannot do it alone! 

Support us by donating an amount of your choice, buying something from Rexie Doodles Store and sharing our articles with your friends!  

Thanks, and face the day like a true warrior!

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