October 31, 2018

Today you called me an angel. You cannot know how true that was, for last night I arrived just in time to loosen the noose around a dear friends neck..

Today you called me a devil, grotesque, a whore. I swallow the words inside me and push them as far down as they can go, I cannot deal with this now. The words you said will rest beneath the surface until I'm the right amount of broken for them to really make an effect.

Today I g...

October 31, 2018

The Dream Team are a group of amateur Photographers, Models and Make-Up Artists who organize a themed photo shoot each month at various venues and locations around the Bristol area. 

The whole ethos of the team is for everyone to work together, in order to create some worthwhile images. We don't offer training as such, but we do offer encouragement and support to all members before, during and after the photoshoot. All member...

September 3, 2018

I am not your normal beautiful. But that does not matter. It did not matter to my rapists. Often people disbelieve the survivor’s account because she is not "good-looking". If they do believe an assault occurred, they tell her she should be grateful someone "did" her. If she is generally considered beautiful, people will blame her attractiveness. The thing is, the focus is VERY rarely on the fact that it is the Rapist who rape...

August 1, 2018

At The Tub

-In a room pitch dark no one could hear me. It’s too late now. I just need to do it. I cut the lines close to the veins. It stops all the pain. I let go off the blade and bleed myself dry.-


Someone is in the bathroom and would not come outside. I knock on the door. There is no reply. As the light in there and the shower are on, I come in and cry out my lungs.

What have you done, my love?! I rush in and jump to the t...

February 5, 2018

Wake up

Grow, grow, grow your roots

until you reach the core of our hearts

Feel the beat of your uterus

Let her guide you through the dance


Chant with us, dear sister: The magic is love

Dare to summon our wisdom: The magic is love

Kindly help us wake up for good: The time is now

because it is united that we shall stand.


Grow, grow, grow your branches

Until you reach the stars

Speak the tongue of your uterus

Let her love spread across...

December 31, 2017

To my beloved sisters

I wish…

I wish we love ourselves

I wish we value our intelligence

I wish we trust our intuition

I wish we forgive our human shortcomings and take the chance to thrive

I wish we allow our sadness to cleanse our souls

I wish our rage give us the fuel to fight the battles ahead

I wish we find our sisters within ourselves

I wish we cherish and support our sisters

I wish we can feel the pleasure and the joy to inhabit o...

November 30, 2017


It is not often that sexual offenders get caught. Even less often that they are found guilty before a tribunal. And of course there are just a handful of predators that end up with charges that stop them from being successful and acclaimed in their businesses. They can (and they do) carry on with their lives after having perpetrated their crimes. It is usually the case that survivors worry about destroying these men’s care...

September 4, 2017

Best friends

We met one time while playing with my dearest Fanny, which happens to be my favourite pussy not because it’s mine but because it’s always been a great pleasure to have her pleased. Her beautiful lips hide the secret to life and I love everything about it. However, today I’d like to praise Clit.

Clit, the clitoris: the one and only. Oh, how I remember… I remember when we first met during a game with Fanny. Clit took...

July 31, 2017

Rosie was getting ready to go out. Rosie had been worried she had put on weight. Rosie decided to join her friends for lunch. Then she heard it:

Father said: What? You’re not wearing that. You look awful. Go, get dressed. Try that cute pink dress with the heels.


Mom: What is that you are wearing? Don't complain if something happens to you.

Father: Leave it, darling, if she doesn't show herself, no one will ever pick her.


July 4, 2017

I trace this line forward
My path unknown but written
The future moving toward me
With each step taken

I keep each pace even
Steady motion silent beat
Know not where I'm headed
But my course now seemingly set

Feel the ground beneath me
And above the sky so vast
Anxious but resigned to tomorrow
With heavy heart stuck in the past

All the whispers how they deafen
White noise pulsing behind mine eyes
Searching for the reasons

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