MUA of the Month: Matt Hutton

Small introduction about yourself:

Hi, I’m Matt Hutton and I am privileged to be the first MUA of the Month for the first issue, thank you so much!

I was brought up in the UK until I was 6. Then the family moved to Hong Kong, which was a fantastic experience. In 1986 we moved again, this time to Australia.

Before becoming a MUA I worked in the hospitality industry and I worked on the trains as a conductor, working on the doors and collecting tickets.

How did you decide/ become an MUA?

At the youthful age of 41 I decided to do something I wanted to do, for once in my life. With the passing of my mother 2 years ago, I realised life is too short. I loved all the Sci-Fi tv programs as a kid in the 80’s and loved to make the magic happen myself. So, I went to college and did a level 3 diploma in theatrical hair and media makeup. The only bloke in the class and the oldest by 15 years! But I enjoyed it and decided to take the next step and study at a university level. So, now I am currently half way through a 3-year degree.

What's the most enjoyable part of your job?

Meeting new people is the most enjoyable part! I am fun, social and I love making people laugh so this job is perfect for it!

Is there anything you don't like/ would change?

I suppose there is the belief that a straight male can’t be a Makeup Artist. Well we can!! Ha ha!

I love what I do, it’s fun and interesting, but I am also a professional. I don’t care for ogling at models, yet some people assume that this is the case because I’m a straight male in the industry.

I have a lady and she is the love of my life.

Proudest moments of your career?

My proudest moment was helping a lady that had been let down by another make-up artist. She had paid a lot for wedding makeup and wasn’t happy with it. They would not help nor resolve the issue unless she paid again. As we know, weddings are an expensive affair. I met her and did my makeover on her; she looked in the mirror and cried tears of happiness as she finally looked like the bride she had envisioned.

Professional goals for 2017?

Carry on with college and do more photoshoots in the future. With all the networking I have done, I have several projects in the pipeline including 2 films, 2 operas and some theatre work.

If you weren't a MUA what would you be?

A mystic tarot reader. Don’t snigger… I read angel and tarot cards as a hobby!

What's your opinion on the current industry/ do you think the industry is represented equally?

One thing that I really like about the industry is its openness/willingness to change and push the boundaries of our perceptions of what beauty is.

So, if you could change one thing what would it be?

I would have chased my dreams sooner in life.

What's next for you and where should we expect to see you/ keep an eye out for you?

I have just completed a short film that is now in the final edits… and I am in the opening scene!

Keep an eye out in “Secret Eden” magazine as I do shoots with them.

I am on Facebook also, so add me and follow my madcap adventures.

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