Photographer of the Month: Leigh Drinkwater

Leigh Drinkwater is a gifted photographer based in Plymouth specialising in portrait and band photography

+What drew you into Photography?

From a young age I had always been interested in photographs, I’ve always been taken back by the fact that by pressing a button you can capture a memory and be able to hold that memory physically within your hand, The fact that by changing an angle slightly you can change the complete perception of an image just by how the light moves around someone’s face. It wasn’t until I was able to study photography at A-level in which it really opened my eyes, there was so much more to photography not only by how it is used but also the different techniques used to create so many different styles. I fell in love with mixing the two most creative parts of my life together. At first I started with music photography, I focused a lot of my work around this, but it wasn’t until I started my degree where I realised my love for portraits, and how you are able to convey a characters emotion or narrative context just by changing the smallest of details.

+What do you want to say with you photographs and how do you portray this within your work?

I would say my photography is of a darker nature and I love to be able to create an eerie but yet tranquil tone with my work, I feel that by pushing the boundaries with make-up and outfits but in the same instance sticking to staple photograph techniques, It portrays a more natural effect to soften any initial shock factor from any use of makeup, subject matter, or wardrobe.

+What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started?

I don’t regret anything within my career, everything has happened for a reason and I wouldn’t have the freedom in choice in my work if certain experiences hadn’t happened. My only stigma is possibly spending as long as I did in higher education as opposed to creating a cliental base and gaining experience professionally, but this is only me speaking personally.

+What motivates you to continue taking photographs?

My biggest motivation is the massive amount of satisfaction in getting an end product that I have produced and also being able to create the visions of my clientèle for their products, while in the same instance collaborating with different creatives within my industry.

+What’s your experience being a woman in the photographic business? are there any obstacles that you wouldn’t face if you were a man? or are opportunities all pretty equal and unbiased towards gender?

I think it varies drastically from field to field in photography. On one hand with my music photography and the 6 years working with mainly metal bands, it tended to be more of a male influence higher up the professional ladder (but not unanimous) in certain circumstances having female company outside of the band in such close quarters for anywhere between 3 days to 3 months and onward, can often dissuade a minority from working with a female photographer.

On the other hand with much of the editorial based portrait work I do, tends to be the opposite. With modelling still being female dominated industry in the UK, sometimes from a female models perspective working with another female photographer will make them feel more at ease in front of a camera especially for first time models that need a little extra support and feedback.


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