Rexie Talks: Let's Make Change Together!

This is the first issue of Warrior Women magazine. Together we can make a difference; we shall share experiences and ideas to support each other to counter the endless stream of negativity, criticism of our sisters or negativity that robs us of our ability to determine our own future.

We are not victims, we will not bully or degrade others; we are warrior women and we will fight for ourselves and each other.

Let me explain.

We are surrounded with a sea of media, most of which are there to inform us of what poor, desperate state our society is in because of x, y and z. There are some positive endings to these documentaries, short passages and clips of small campaigns, movements and projects that hope to make a positive difference. To me, it always seems like these solutions are just... too small; we are informed but apparently incapable of doing anything.

I've had enough of watching videos, reading articles - it's time to do

something; something positive - changing the way I/YOU think and act, and the way WE teach younger generations to think and act.

A magazine seems like a good starting point.

Most typical ‘beauty’ or popular magazines concentrate on celebrities - Are they wearing the ‘right’ outfit/make up or not? Here’s the latest gossip. You NEED ‘this’ to be happy! You should look like THIS.

Are these really the messages we should be listening to ourselves and or teaching our children?

Should we not be teaching ourselves to accept who we are and who other people are? - For we are all individual.

Should we not be celebrating the things that make us ‘us,’ whether that be a “quirky one in a million” or a “fitting in with a certain group”?

This way of thinking can be a mine field. There are conformists and there are non-conformists, and I don’t think either is any better than the other. But one thing I’m certain we need to stop is judging each other, judging ourselves and feeding hateful and hurtful behaviour. We need respect. We need community. We need collaboration. We need support. We need understanding. This magazine is going to challenge the current way you think and judge. Challenge the Media's and provide a real alternative way of thinking / acting with real examples from real people, that affect you.

There are many self-help style books and activities and events out there, there are many on self love as well. It is important to learn to love yourself, but I would like to share a different perspective with you. Listening to Devin Townsend’s free lecture on “How to develop creativity and excel as a successful independent songwriter in a changing industry”, he spoke about ‘not fighting yourself, but surrendering to yourself.’ In this section of his lecture, he brought up the subject of self love and made the point that there’s too much emphasis on ‘loving oneself’ and therefore there can be too much emphasis on failure. – ‘oh I didn’t take care of myself today,’ ‘oh I’m not doing great on giving myself a needed break’ etc. You are then back into the void of anger and sadness for not being successful. BUT, if, instead of telling yourself you need to love yourself more, you told yourself that you needed to focus on hating yourself LESS... suddenly, it’s a lot easier to stay positive! – ‘I didn’t put myself down today’, ‘This was really hard and although I’m still annoyed with myself, I’m not as annoyed as I could have been’. Its baby steps, but it’s all about changing perspectives, which in turn will change behaviour.

This magazine is about real women, not idealistic fabricated images that a marketing executive dreamt up of ‘what a woman should be’. We will be celebrating many women, in the whole fantastic range of individual raw beauty they come in. Women from all backgrounds, all paths of life. We would like to also celebrate men who are following their passions in what some people would describe as ‘a woman’s career’, because just like women can- men can! This is about supporting one another and leading by example. That it’s ok to be who you are and do what drives you most. Do not look at someone with envy, but that the opportunity to learn from them. Talk with each other, ask for advice or help. This project it’s was a small idea that was brought to a group of passionate and awesome women who have, in turn, spread the message; and now my small idea has turned into something real to be shared with the world!

I am one small person on this beautiful planet, and I am leaping off an edge with a dream, a plan and an army of warriors ready to support and help however they are able. This is one small step towards something much bigger, and it is not something I can do on my own. So I will take this opportunity to ask you, if you see value in what this project is about, please support us however you are able.

My name is Stephanie Kiddle (Rexie T), and I will change the world with your help.

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