Model of the Month: Tammy Snipe

Hi Tammy, it's a please to have you. Please start with a short introduction telling us a little about yourself.

I'm a Glaswegian lass who moved to the South West four years ago. I'm passionate about charity work, feminist causes and the creative arts.

What made you decide to be a Model?

I was scouted by Vidal Sassoon when I was 17 and worked with them for a year, after that I always dabbled in modelling because it was creative. I had severe postnatal depression after the birth of my son and after doing a boudoir shoot to boost my confidence I've been back modelling ever since.

What's the most enjoyable part of your job? I think mostly it's the really amazing creative people I get to work with; working with a team is really rewarding.

Is there anything you don't like/ would change?

I think the modelling industry still has a long way to go. Weight restrictions and height restrictions on some modelling jobs are just ridiculous. I'm tiny but when I see a size 12 model on the runway being labelled as "plus size?" That’s worrying, what sort of message does that send to women? I'd like modelling to be far more inclusive.

Image credit Jermaine Kelly MUA: Adam Mark Williams

Proudest moments of your career?

I was the cover girl (is that a thing?) for a national magazine recently, I've been published before but seeing my face in the shops was surreal. More importantly the contacts I've made in the industry have allowed me to help raise money for charities that mean a lot to me. That's a really empowering part of modelling.

Professional goals for 2017?

I have lots of stuff lined up with creatives in the industry that I've admired for a long time and didn't dream I'd get the chance to work with them. I'm also organising a charity fashion show at the Arnolfini this summer so my main goal is that it is successful.

If you were not a Model what would you be?

I have a sales background originally so maybe something to do with that. Ideally something creative.

What's your opinion on the current industry?

I absolutely love being a model but as I mentioned before I don't think mainstream modelling gives a healthy image of how women "should" be. I feel it over-sexualises young women and creates an unattainable standard for women to aspire to. In saying that, modelling is also extremely empowering and creative, I'm happy to see the start of a movement celebrating models of all sizes, colour and ability,: long may it continue.

If you could change one thing what would it be?

About modelling? People who send you inappropriate images or messages just because you are a model, not cool!

Who inspires you?

Sia, Lady Gaga, Baz Lutherman and the Spice Girls... beautiful cinematography and girl power, right?

What's next for you and where should we expect to see you/ keep an eye out for you?

Lots of stuff, not sure how much I can mention at the moment. I'll be appearing in a really cool wedding blog this year and I'll hopefully be going behind the camera and offering my services as a stylist. It should be a good one!

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