I fight with and for my sisters

For what is right and what is fair

For the state of our democracy

Or the supposed "shame" of body hair

For the right to our own bodies

Not a possession to be sold

For women hurt by any violence

Be them young or wisened old

I stand tall beside my sisters

Despite what media may portray

That we must fit a certain mold

Be damned if you live another way

That we must uphold the status quo

Skinny jeans and massive tits

Be the trophy wife, to ego boost

And perform as they see fit

I encourage you my sisters

Be the 'you' you want to be

Doctor, lawyer or pole dancer, work in fashion or TV

Just do it for your own reasons

Grow in spirit and in grace

For you are so much more than a possession, a body or a face.

I ride in force with my sisters

From the dark onto the day

For all of those who struggle, for those who have no say

Not just for us, we sisters

But for tomorrow's greater good

We carry these lessons on for our children's adulthood

Be the children male or female

Bi, Gay, Straight or Undefined

We each are individuals and we each have our own mind

We each have our own demons

But now let us make a start

Be courageous my fellow siblings

Carry a hero in your heart.

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