MUA Of The Month: Charlotte Savoury

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My names Charlotte and I work for Illamasqua full time as part of the Art Collective- which means although I live in South Wales I’m often travelling the country doing anything from having an input into product development, to shoots or visiting universities hosting Masterclasses. I was never beauty trained but studied fine art and besides make-up, music and art are my inspirations.

How long have you worked in cosmetics, and how did you decide that make-up artistry was for you?

I’ve worked in the cosmetics industry for 10 years now. I studied Art and Design through school into University. I found myself focusing mostly on portrait work but equally loved experimenting with make-up myself so the two crossed paths on many occasions. My Mums make-up inspired me while I was growing up and definitely influenced how I saw make-up and when I started doing make-up on myself. When studying, I started painting on the body and using the face and body as a canvas. I knew I could do this all the time if I went into make-up and use my fine art background to influence my make-up work.

What is it like to work for a brand that has broken so many boundaries and helped so many people identify with make-up in an alternative way?

It’s honestly so refreshing! With the influence of social media being so huge at the moment, as a make-up artist there’s no escaping the current trends. Illamasqua however really try to set their own trends and push boundaries with make-up giving people the confidence to express themselves through make-up. I love the fact they use all different types of people in their visuals so everyone can connect with the visuals no matter who they are.

Illamasqua is known for its innovative collection themes, can you tell us your favourite so far, and why?

There’s been so many! There are a couple that really stand out to me. The Art Of Darkness because there were so many characters and so many varied looks in that collection. Images that showed black and white, matte vs shimmers, technical work vs expressive and layering of colours. Some of the images are quite dark which is my preferred style of make-up, so I connected with this collection a lot. EXTINCT is a collection I am extremely proud of. The Illamasqua Art collective worked together for this collection. It was both inspired by Punk and Extinction. The collection mostly focuses on reinventing eye-liner inspired by insects. The liner design I created for this collection is probably the design I’m most proud of so far in my career.

What do you find most inspires your work?

Mostly music and art, they’re the two things I can’t live without and constantly get inspired by on a daily basis. I love seeing brush strokes and texture so when I see paintings I instantly think how I can translate elements of that onto the face.

Who are the artists that inspire you most? I get inspired mostly by painters and illustrators like Jenny Saville, Lucien Freud and Francoise Nielly. But for make-up artists, it would have to be Alex Box for her fine art approach to make-up and Sam Fine for flawless skin.

Could you tell us how wearing make-up is important to you personally?

It’s just a part of who I am now and has been for so long. Growing up going to gigs and being so inspired by my favourite bands make-up I think made me love make-up more because its connected to music which is the one thing I’m most passionate about. I’m quite a shy person and wearing make-up definitely makes me feel more confident. I feel really lucky to able to wear whatever make-up I want in my job and play with colours and textures every day.

Being the International Brand Ambassador, you’ve travelled to many places for work. Where has been your favourite and why?

Probably Dubai. The women there LOVE make-up so much and aren’t afraid to experiment. It’s a huge passion for them and they are very talented at doing their own make-up. A lot of their make-up consists of a lot of technical work, skin sculpting, strong brows and technical liner. To do that every day is very inspiring.

What is your most memorable moment/experience of working in this industry? Probably my first trips away as an International Brand Ambassador. I didn’t know what to expect going out on my own, although very nervous at the time. I’m so glad I did it now. I met so many amazing people and got to see some amazing places.

As it has recently been International Women’s Day, what advice can you give to help other women to feel empowered and confident?

Just honestly be yourself and be kind. It’s okay to not want to follow trends and not do what social media tells you too. It’s also great to be kind. One compliment to another woman is sometimes all it takes to make her day and to boost her confidence. I think if everyone did this it would empower other women resulting in all of us feeling more confident and empowered

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