MUA of the Month: Emma McRae

Small introduction about yourself:

I’m Emma MCRAE

Makeup artist, mother, sister, friend and lover of beauty and nature.

I see beauty in everyone and love the fact that my job allows me to work with a variety of people.

I work 8n the areas of TV, film, fashion, bridal, special occasion and training. I work with all skin tones ages and genders.

I have worked for many cosmetic companies such as BOBBI Brown, Laura Mercier, Space Nk and more.

I am fortunate to also have developed my skills to be National trainer for Airbase airbrush company.

I have worked with Refuge Domestic violence charity, Pupil referral units with teenage girls and the Elderly with dementia.

How did you decide/ become an MUA?

Becoming a Makeup artist felt like a natural progression for me, at school I spent more time doing my friends makeup and nails then I did focusing on science.

I would try and beautify anyone I could get my hands on but at that time I didn’t realise it could be an actual career.

The real decision came to me when my son was about 2 years old and I had been working IN fashion retail and people constantly asked me to tell them what makeup I was wearing and a friend suggested that I took a makeup course.

I would love to say it was happily ever after but after working in a few different areas within the beauty industry I finally settled as a makeup artist in 2008

What's the most enjoyable part of your job?

I love meeting people and hearing about their story. I love taking the time to create looks which suits the individual that they are. By translating their personality through their personal makeup style.

I don’t believe on old clichés such as no shimmer eyeshadow past 40 and you can’t wear bold “night time” makeup during the day.

Makeup is a personal choice Wetherby it is to wear a little or a lot

Is there anything you don't like/ would change?

I will be honest and I am sure many makeup artists feel the same.... but it is washing my makeup brushes! It’s a necessary evil and I have found a way around it. I have hired my son whonis now 15to wash my brushes and he does an exceptional job once their is suitable financial gain for him.

I love being a makeup artist and I believe there is a lot of room in the industry for a variety of artists.

Proudest moments of your career?

I think I was most proud when I saw my makeup on a book cover for my client, friend and mentor Angie Le Mar. It was a huge moment for me as she gave me an opportunity to s1tart working in TV and to see that something I created was in print. It was a special day for me. It was made even more special as she has always been my mums favourite comedienne and I could see my mother’s pride when she received a signed copy of the book at the launch.

Professional goals for 2017?

Where do I begin! I am a goal setter and achiever

I am going to New YORK and LA to assist my mentor and update my skills. Which I am so excited about.

This year I would like to open a studio space for my clients where I can offer a range of makeup services, such as bridal trials, party bookings and trainings.

I would also like to bring out a range of cosmetics but I think that’s a little further down the line.

If you weren't a MUA what would you be?

If I wasn’t a makeup artist I would be a personal stylist. Again it’s the joy I get working creatively with individual and groups of people. I truly believe my purpose to be of service to others and to help people to show off their inner beauty.

Plus I am a shopping addict and who wouldn’t want to shop and style other people for a living!

What's your opinion on the current industry/ do you think the industry is represented equally?

That is a tough question

I don’t necessarily believe anything is ever really equal but this isn’t a reason to give up or not try.

I love the industry because it is is very inclusive due to the power of social media, the Internet and online platforms such as You tube which are excellent resources for people to share and learn.

when I began in 2002 was non existent so you had to go out and learn your craft make mistakes with no one to hold your hand but this gave way to an individual style and a uniqueness in a persons artistry.

I feel with social media many people have become clones and are unable to define themselves as individuals and I literally see girls regardless of the age, skin tone, face shape etc all looking the same.

But I think it is their time and they have to embrace it.

I have the pictures from the 90s where I wore black eyeliner as a lip liner! It’s a rite of passage.

So, if you could change one thing what would it be?

I think I would change highlighting the tip of the nose so it looks like a glow worm.

What's next for you and where should we expect to see you/ keep an eye out for you?

I will continue to teach makeup masterclasses to educate and empower the everyday woman how to create her look

I run 3 hour masterclasses on how to confidently apply your own makeup. This is an interactive hands on session where attendees learn in small groups, all products and refreshments are provided and it’s a fun session to ask all the beauty questions who have been afraid to ask.

This has to be one of my most full filling areas of my job, because I get to see the clients transform themselves with guidance from me.

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