Model of the Month: Hayley Leggs

Please start with a short introduction about yourself: Hayley Leggs is a performer, voiceover artist and TV presenter from London. She regularly works as a solo performer and with her group Nympherno as a fire breather and stilt walker, and interviews bands for TotalRock. She is also a former drummer, playing for Adam Ant during his comeback in 2010.

How and where did you start your career? My first taste of the stage was when I formed a band aged 17. We weren't particularly good but I certainly enjoyed myself! I started doing burlesque/horror shows when I was about 19 years old. This wasn't something I'd ever planned on doing, just something I fell in to and found that I loved doing. The fire breathing came along a couple of years later and that's still my favourite thing to do.

As a performing artist what are your favourite gigs or the most enjoyable part of your job? The travel is definitely my favourite part of the job. I've been flown all over Europe as well as America for shows. I particularly love performing onstage with my favourite bands, which I've been lucky enough to do several times.

Is there anything you don’t like about being a performer/model? Sometimes it can be really tiring. Often we have to travel for hours and hours, arrive at the gig then perform for several hours more. Every now and then a show just doesn't go to plan and I find that incredibly frustrating. I'm sure it's nothing the audience would ever notice but I have to sulk about it for an hour or two!

Do you feel alternative models are well represented in mainstream media and how has that changed since you began your career? Suicide Girls becoming a big thing was probably helpful to my career from the beginning. They had touring performers, and because they were a big name, it probably made future clients of mine more aware that that scene existed and was available for hire.

Proudest moment of your career? My proudest moment was probably the first big gig I did as the drummer for Adam Ant. 'Kings of the Wild Frontier' was the first song I ever learnt on the drums, and my parents and I had always been fans of his.

As you get to travel with your work, where has been your favourite place to perform? My favourite places to perform are any metal festivals. I just absolutely love going to these festivals and had dreamed when I was younger of being up on that stage. I just did my first show on the main stage at Download Festival, with the band Fozzy (featuring Chris Jericho), which I got a big kick out of.

Do you have any advice for aspiring models, performers that you wish you had known when you started out? The best advice I could give is that anybody can do it. I am probably the clumsiest person I know, and afraid of heights, yet I learnt to be a stilt walker! No accidents yet! And when it comes to alternative modelling, there really is something for everyone, so don't be afraid to give it a go and keep on trying if you don't succeed straight away.

Have you ever accidentally set something or someone important on fire? Safety is a big concern for me, so I'm very aware of my surroundings and not setting fire to them! However, on two separate occasions, a small drop of lit paraffin blew back at me and burnt my eyelid quite badly! You're bound to get the odd couple of little burns or singed hair- just make sure it's only yourself you're setting fire to!

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