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Given the recent events of the Manchester and London attacks, it shows that it’s more important than ever before to show a united front against those that that intend to attack and cause despair.

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The most recent OneLoveManchester concert was held in response to a suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande live show over two weeks ago at Manchester Arena. Described by The Independent as ‘the proper way to respond to hate’; this event was hosted by Ariana Grande herself and it was set up to help us remember the twenty-two victims that were killed in this tragic event and to raise funds for the families and the one hundred and sixteen of those that were injured.

There were many wonderful things about this show; the artists and the performances, highlights including Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas and Ariana Grande herself. The greatest thing of all however was the amount of love, positivity and unity shown between the performers and the audience.

For most of a concert is a safe haven where one can escape reality for those few hours to enjoy a performance from their favourite artists. Music is general is one of the most common shared passions amongst the community and it’s a great icebreaker topic to start conversations. No matter what genre or style of music you happen to be into; whether it’s the loud distorted sounds of Heavy Metal or the soft tranquil sounds of Classical, you should be able to enjoy a concert without feeling like you have to look over your shoulder every five minutes. Long story short, you should feel safe.

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It’s not just events like this that show the incredible power of music bringing togetherness. It brings us all together in so many other ways; it brings us together at band practice when those want to simply create more music, it brings us together at dance lessons/recited where those simply want to create a piece of art along to music. It even brings us together at cheesy discos at family gatherings and weddings, isn’t that where most of us end up after a few drinks? We have all joined in the Conga Line at some point or showed everyone the moves to YMCA and Agadoo.

Photographer: Tomasz Wrobel

When posting the question to fellow music lovers, gig goers and fans of cheesy disco tunes; they all stated that a lot of friendships are formed through music and events, sometimes a lot more than a friendship is developed. This common interest and love for great performances enhanced by music it forms friendships, it creates memories for you to cherish for years to come and it unites the world against worthy causes. Look at Live Aid, All is One Orlando Unity Concert and A Concert for Life: The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness.

Cutting to the chase, music has a special power. It’s indescribable, most likely because when people write the songs there is so much emotion behind it. Whatever genre it is; it brings us together and triggers certain memories and emotions.

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