Artist of the Month: Will Clutterbuck

Please introduce yourself:

My names wilL Clutterbuck

+How did you get started? I got started in school when i found art to be pretty much the only thing i was good at or enjoyed

+What is your work all about? My work is mainly based on my thoughts and feelings at the time, or the people around me

+What makes you tick/drives you? Again, my thoughts and feelings, and also just general interests

+How did you find your style? Has it changed since you first started? I always drew random things that were interesting to me, then when i was like, 11 - 12, i found Alex Pardee, (my current favourite artist) and i changed my main style (because i have a few) to completely match his until i was in my mid teens where i progressed to personalise it a lot more.

+Can you briefly explain your creative process, mediums etc? I don't really have a process exactly, I'll have an idea, inspired by anything at all and just try to get it on paper as best i can, as well as making it dark in my own way.

+How do you come up with new ideas? Do you have a process? My ideas all come from my own thoughts or feelings about everything in general. I also portray these on the masks i make

+What do you do during creative slumps? If i run into a creative block, i just don't draw. I'm not a consistent artist, which is something I'm trying to work on

+What is the best/most fun part of your job? If by job you mean my drawing, then the fun part is either lining the pencil outline with pen just because its satisfying, or adding the final details

+What is the worst or most difficult part of your job? The most difficult part is either, not knowing what to draw, not having to materials to nake the image, or running out half way through,which is very annoying.

+Do you have any other projects or hobbies you’re currently working on? Only musical ones, but i always have some drawings at least in progress. And my masks.

+What are your goals for 2017? My goals for 2017 would be for my work to actually go somewhere and make me some kind of achievement i suppose.

+Top 5 inspirations for your current work? My top 5 inspirations for my work would have to be; my thoughts /general opinions, my feelings at the time, general society, people, and random things I'll see in everyday life

+What would be your ‘words of wisdom’ to your younger self just before starting off? If i could talk to my younger self I'd probably tell him to hurry up, stop being rubbish and do some more stuff.

+Is there anything else you would like to add? Do what makes you happy.

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Facebook: EyeLess Art

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