Model of the Month: Chloe Kellaway

Please start with a short introduction telling us a little about yourself:

I’m currently studying photography in my third year of college. I have studied art mostly in my life, but as my ideas have grown I want to branch out into expressing myself and interests in all art forms and one of them is photography. I enjoy capturing true moments in nature and the beauty in the ‘ugly’ such as abandoned places which has come to be one of my many hobbies, Urban Exploring, which requires a lot of travelling, and that is one of my favourite things to do. I intend to do a lot more of it! Another one of my biggest passions is music. I go to numerous music festivals and concerts and also love the sense of community that comes with it. I practice fire dancing, which I want to progress into other forms of performing. There are many sides to me which can go from going to an extreme metal concert and modelling latex to going on nature walks and my love for Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter. One of my other hobbies would be History, I love learning about the ancient past and conspiracies of the future. Above all however the most important thing would be being happy, surrounded by people I love like my mum and my best friend, my dog Alfie.

What made you decide to be a Model? Nothing in particular made me decide to become a model it just happened over time, the efforts I put into presenting myself turned into work within the modelling sector. What is the most enjoyable part of your job? The most enjoyable part of modelling is exploring new ideas, putting my artistic ideas into practice, meeting new people also travelling.

Is there anything you would change about the industry? There are some things I would change, such as how people can view it as a competition. I believe it is about expressing your true self and having fun with it, there is no such thing as perfect only people's own perceptions of perfection. No one is the same and we should embrace that and love the flaws which we all guilty of having. What have your experiences been being a woman in this industry? My experience being a woman in the modelling industry is a mixture of positive and negative. There is a big misperception of what a person is truly about and who they really are by judging how and what they model, or how they simply present themselves, I believe a person should not be defined by what they do but who they are. The positive is the amount of support one can get from girls, which can be hard in this industry and in life. I appreciate that more than people know, also to help empower women to become and be whatever they want to be and feel confident about it.

Proudest moments of your career? My proudest moments within modelling would be making it this far and proceeding to achieve my goals, Although if I’m talking about what I’ve done professionally, it would be when I won the Alternative model of the year competition for my age range and being able to achieve the confidence to present myself on the catwalk. But my proudest moment I have to say would be the process of gaining more confidence within myself and my style. Professional goals for 2017? My goal would be to become published and more international known as a model and a person. Also using my full creativity to creating more unique content.

If you were not a Model what would you be? If I do not succeed in modelling as far as being full time I would become a Tattoo artist which i am still intending on doing, or some sort of role in the creative industry or a involement with animals. What is your opinion on the current industry?

My opinion on the current industry would be mainly positive but I believe it should be more welcoming and not looked as only a certain type of person being capable of achieving it. What advice would you give your younger self before starting out? My biggest advice to my younger self would be to trust and believe in myself and to never let anyone bring you down or make you question who you truly are. To be strong and be your own inspiration.

Are there any people you’ve met since you started that really stand out as being extraordinary and inspiring with what they do? There are many models and photographers that inspire me and my work but my main inspiration would be my interests and life itself.

What is next for you and where should we expect to see you/ keep an eye out for you? The next thing for me would be to do bigger shoots and possibly be on more catwalks, but I think keeping people on their toes and just coming out with the unexpected is much more interesting and entertaining.

Is there anything else you’d like to talk about that we haven’t mentioned yet? I would like to express that modelling isn’t about being ‘vain’ but simply about expressing who you are, what you like creatively, feeling confident within yourself and enjoying it.

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