Rosie was getting ready to go out. Rosie had been worried she had put on weight. Rosie decided to join her friends for lunch. Then she heard it:

Father said: What? You’re not wearing that. You look awful. Go, get dressed. Try that cute pink dress with the heels.


Mom: What is that you are wearing? Don't complain if something happens to you.

Father: Leave it, darling, if she doesn't show herself, no one will ever pick her.

Mother: Ok, just put this jumper to cover a bit. You know, boys will be boys.

When she got the ‘OK’ from home she went out to meet her friends. It was only a 10 minute stroll. She was just a block away from home when poor 15 year old(young) Rosie overheard a group of women, that were looking at her, say:

Woman 1: Who thinks pink dress and red heels go well?

Woman 2: She looks like a whore.

The rest of the group giggled and looked at her over their shoulders. She kept walking, slightly timid now. She put on her jumper and tried to cover as much as possible of the skin that was still bare. She passed in front of a male group.

Boy 1: Show me your legs, baby.

A second boy tried to pull up her dress.

Boy 3: Why aren't you smiling? I'll make you so happy. Don't be a prude.

When they stopped groping her they walked away. She told her friends and this is what they said:

Friend 1: Why you didn't complain?

Friend 2: Maybe you wanted that.

Friend 3: I don't believe what you're saying, it's never happened to me.

Rosie went home and cried a little. Maybe after all, it was her fault. This time she was going to change. Yes. She was going to change.

The next time she went out a man approached her.

- Hi, love.

She slapped him in the face and ran away. She was so proud. She had finally reacted and protected herself. She told her friends.

Friends: You're too aggressive. A proper lady doesn’t resort to violence.

Rosie said she was upset. There must be something wrong.

Friend 1: You’re on your days for sure!

Rosie: I actually am.

Friend 2: Ewww, gross! You should’ve kept that for yourself. Nobody cares + super gross!! How dare you even say that?

Rosie turned 16. She had had it. She wanted to run away. She told her parents that she wanted to get married.

Father: You're an opportunist bimbo.

She had just said that to let them know she wasn’t happy. She had other dreams, like being an astronaut. But she had been told that intelligent women never find love.

She started to talk:

- I think...

Mother: Shush, darling, women don't think.

Rosie ran away. She met a man that promised her an education if she lived with him. She thought she had no choice. Also, she loved him. Four months in, she was pregnant. The man kicked her out and disappeared. She went back to her parents.

Father: If you didn’t want a baby you should’ve kept your legs together.

“I wish the voices stopped”, she said one day to herself. Why do they even watch my every move? They say I’m batshit crazy, that I’m a bitch. It doesn’t matter what I do. Nothing’s ever going to please everyone. So, I better do whatever feels right for me. Yes. At least I’ll burn in the hell for sins that I’ve actually chose to commit. It wasn’t easy, but Rosie, my dear Rosie is now master of herself.

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