Best Friends

Best friends

We met one time while playing with my dearest Fanny, which happens to be my favourite pussy not because it’s mine but because it’s always been a great pleasure to have her pleased. Her beautiful lips hide the secret to life and I love everything about it. However, today I’d like to praise Clit.

Clit, the clitoris: the one and only. Oh, how I remember… I remember when we first met during a game with Fanny. Clit took over in a very smooth move: rising up from under her hood. I noticed it was shared excitement. I blushed as the blood rushed towards Clit. It felt so good that I got scared.

Next time we played I sat there looking at Clit, stroking softly, ever so gently, so I wouldn’t hurt or scare her away. Over time we grew fond of each other. We would meet often and were eager to explore together. When I showed Clit the abc we both flew real high up in the sky. I suddenly felt drawn to another dimension. Every inch of my skin and the whole of me was just the exact same as Clit: one breath, one heartbeat, one light. Pulsating and vibrating within this luminous ball of pleasure we were. In waves we swam to and from our paradise… Every now and again I feel nostalgic and come back to her for new adventures.

It’s just so much fun once you get to know her. But beware, because innocent as Clit seems, she’s no fool. She’ll know when to come out. She’ll make you scream, she’ll make you dream, but only if you are for real.

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