Model of the Month: Shannie

Please start with a short introduction telling us a little about yourself… Hi! I’m Shannie, a 32-year-old Devon based plus size/curve model who likes to specialise in natural light location work, but with a background in photography. I am originally from central Scotland, but moved south after graduating with my degree in German and Computing Science. My general life other than modelling is made up of Pilates, Karate and being obsessed with cars.

What made you decide to be a Model? I fell into it by accident to be honest, I lost a lot of weight (6 stone/40kgs) and since I was doing photography within a camera club at the time, I thought I would give it a go! The rest is history!

What's the most enjoyable part of modelling for you?

Meeting new people, having a giggle and creating amazing images. I have a wonderful variety of working relationships with great people.

Is there anything you dislike or would change about the industry?

The attitude of many that you can’t photograph a curvier/bigger woman. I’m 5ft 10” and currently a size 14, which is smaller than the UK average, yet I have had comments along the lines of ‘how do you get so much work being the size you are?’. Everyone is entitled to photograph who they like, but it’s all based on your ability, not your size.

Have you ever come across any sexism in the industry?

All the time. Sadly people (females can be sexist too!) think you aren’t particularly bright and capable.

What would you say are the proudest moments of your career?

I haven’t achieved a lot compared to most freelance models, but selling out my first ever studio day in Milton Keynes 2 years ago was certainly an ego boost. I have also had over 20 Front Page Image awards on my portfolio hosting site (including one as a MUA and 2 as a photographer).

Is there anyone in your life that you consider a Warrior Woman?

I have a massive respect for women working in the automotive racing industry, namely Sabine Schmitz. I love her attitude and her confidence, but has bucket loads of driving talent too.

What are your professional goals for 2017/18?

Being featured in print. I’m not stringent with goals, so as long as I still love what I do and keep getting the work and support, I will continue!

If you were not a Model what would you be doing?

I run a business outside of modelling anyway, and I would do more car photography.

What's your opinion on the modelling world currently?

There are good and bad parts to it, as with any industry. For the main part, I have had a generally positive experience, but you will always get a minority who give it a bad name.

What advice would you have for anyone who was looking to get into modelling?

As a photographer, I have worked with many new models and I do offer plenty of advice. My main one is safety. Do not be afraid to approach other models for references and if it is too good to be true, it probably is – your gut instinct is your best friend.

What's next for you and where should we expect to see you/ keep an eye out for you?

I always have ideas and projects on the back burner, so there is always something new and interesting coming from me, I just can’t say when!

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