T U R Y A - a second single

We interviewed you in our last issue, can you tell us what you have been up to since?

I’ve been preparing for my next single launch which is for the song Falling and I’ve been preparing for some upcoming live shows.

You have just released your second single ‘Falling’. Falling shows a darker, deeper side to your music, responding to political events, and want for a better word, madness! This song has a lot of emotion, what personal experiences or feelings surrounding politics have influenced this song?

I was feeling down about what was happening in the world politically and environmentally so I wanted to write a song that inspires a feeling of rebellious escapism but in a childlike, magical way. Like getting lost in some adventure with carefree and wild-spirited tribe of people rather than feeling stuck in a rigid society that is closed minded and politically belligerent.

The song is about escaping to childhood and rediscovering adventure and being young and carefree. What are your favourite childhood memories, and have they had any influence in this song, or your music in general?

Yes, of course. I grew up for some years in India in my childhood and it was almost like being a little female Mowgli (from The Jungle Book). I had my hair long and ran around bare foot in the jungles. I guess that influences the ‘wild spirited’ nature of this song. With lyrics like “Throw our shoes off, Let our hair down in the rain.”

Do you still think that there is magic in the world? Is innocence and freedom easy to achieve in the modern world?

Yes, I think its a mindset and an attitude. It’s a choice of how to perceive your environment. It’s not about being unaware of what is realistically happening in the world - that is super important. But what I mean is that there is an opportunity, in any given situation, for us to choose how to perceive it. Innocence or magic should not only be reserved for children but when we become adults, we get bogged down by heady responsibilities and therefore we lose that sense of childlike wonder. I think an 80 year old can still have a sense of innocent wonder by choosing that sweet and humble attitude to any given situation.

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