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I have always had some knowledge of what Re-enactment is. Perhaps it was a lack of love for the history of battles, but replaying fights of the past never really interested me that much. When I started college and made some new friends, I was introduced to LARP. At first it seemed exciting, but for me, the prospect of relying on a fictional alter-ego character, and fighting with hit points rather than actual skill and brute strength, soon made me lose interest in it. Meandering around for years, I’d let the want of being a legitimate fighter fade as I busied myself with other tasks and projects… until Bloodstock Open Air 2016.

For those of you that know me, you will have noticed I have fallen in love with medieval armour, weapons, and the full contact sport that goes along with it.

NB: This is not LARP. This is not re-enactment. This is not ‘fake’, ‘fantasy’ or ‘fictional’.

HMB stands for historic medieval battles. It is a legitimate, internationally recognised full contact sport originally founded by the Russians... I mean, have you seen how brutal this sport is? OF COURSE it was the badass Russians! In fact THIS weekend marks one of the most prestigious tournaments of the sport, the Dynamo Cup.

My first international tournament was at THE WORLD FLIPPING CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! Otherwise known to the rest of the world as Battle of the Nations. I ACTUALLY fought for my country!! It's the most amazing and exciting sport I've ever come across! From first getting into armour, fighting in fields, car parks and sheds, to the sands of Barcelona for my first international. I have started an incredible journey and, and well… I guess it’s best to show you a few videos from the past few years:

There are many clubs across the world, practically EVERY country now has at least one team, and if there are fighters who do not have their own team yet, they can become mercenaries for other teams to still be part of the action! And let me tell you, the women's side of the sport is growing fast and strong, why just in the past year of joining the sport I've seen countries grow their women's teams and more and more enter tournaments where previously you would have been lucky if one other woman came in armour to have a duel with!

The sport is still very young, but it's strong and brutal. Warrior Women Magazine will be opening up a section to keep up with this sport, and any other sports if YOU would like to either write about or nominate them

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