Warrior Woman of the Month: Vic Bussey

Hi Vic, you are quite an aspiring young lady with several different ongoing projects at the moment! Tell us a little about what you’re up to at the moment:

Hi, I am an alternative model known as Vic Sin, I am running one of the largest alternative fashion shows in the south west! I also am a trained photographer and I am a fashion designer as a hobby.

Photographer: Frankinsella

How do you find managing your time and organising your different projects?

I naturally hate being late so I think this generally helps my time management a lot! I do a lot of projects so I don’t watch TV very often but I do other things that I enjoy more. I organise everything in my head I barely ever write anything down, that said I do make small lists and contracts often for official documentation.

What obstacles have you come across in your creative projects?

The main obstacle with running events is often the money, my projects are usually entirely self-funded so that can come at a cost. At the beginning of running my fashion show it was difficult to find brands that wanted to join the event, however now I am advertising it more it has drastically more popular and I now have to turn brands and models away otherwise we would have a 9 hour fashion show!

Have you experienced any specific sexist behaviour towards yourself?

I think a lot of people find it odd to have an 18-year-old female to be running so many businesses and events. I know that some people wouldn’t take me seriously however I mainly mix with similar minded people nowadays.


What made you decide to start modelling?

I didn’t really decide to be a model at first, I was doing a fashion design course and a photography course needed designers for their work, one of the photographers was alternative also so she asked me to model my own clothing for her. This was about two years ago and we are still friends! Those photos became popular on social media so my followers wanted more!

What have been your experiences so far as a young alternative model?

There are so many good experiences and there are a few bad! Safety as a female model is really important so nowadays I always bring a chaperone for my own safety. I have had some really amazing opportunities, I have been in very large fetish magazines and also I have modelled at one of the biggest fetish events (Torture Garden) with more than 2400 people watching me on the catwalk!

Photographer: Portraitsandpinups

Are there any stigmas or generalisations about the modelling industry/profession you would like to change?

The main one for me is that not all models are stupid, most people think that models are just pretty faces. Many models are freelancers and book their own work and run their modelling as their own business, and are SUCCESSFUL. I don’t want to be seen as a brainless model, I want to be something more than that.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to start out as a model?

My main advice is just ask! You never know what designers or photographers you could be working with unless you ask. This took me a while to get used to as it makes me quite nervous but asking a brand to work for them has gotten me many opportunities.

Who is your main inspiration when it comes to modelling?

For gothic modelling I would say Obsidian Kerttu, she is a very beautiful gothic model and she is also very lovely, I have spoken to her online many times and she is very kind even though she is a very famous alternative model.

What was your best experience in front of the camera?

My best experience would probably be working for belial clothing, they have over 72,000 followers on their Instagram and its awesome to be a selected model for them. I will also be modelling their new range within the next few months!

Fashion Designer-

You have recently founded Darker Than Sin Designs, what pushed you to create your own named brand of clothing?

I have skill in handmaking clothes and latex fashion, I have qualifications in fashion design so I thought I should just try and use it to see where it can take me. There are many alternative fashion shops but they all seem to be selling the same thing. I knew that if I make the pieces themselves they can all be unique pieces.

What is your favourite custom outfit you’ve made so far?

I have recently made some clothing for Dani Divine, which is a latex bra and a latex skater skirt, so I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. I have also made clothing for Obsidian Kerttu which is a really awesome outfit made out of PVC with a white cross design.

What have been some pros and cons that you’ve encountered so far in running the production of your own fashion line?

It takes a lot of time to handmake things and I think that many people do not value that fact and also do not want to pay handmade prices.

What drives your passion for making clothes?

My passion is seeing different people in my designs. It’s so nice to see someone upload an Instagram selfie happily wearing something that took you 4 hours to make

Who is your main inspiration in the world of fashion?

I don’t think there is a specific person which is my inspiration. I think I am inspired by a mix of things, religions and subcultures definitely being apart of that.

What has been your proudest moment so far with Darker Than Sins Designs?

My proudest moment is to have some of the most popular alternative models in my handmade pieces.

What are your future plans with the clothing brand?

New designs and collections to come!

You have organised and are running a Fashion Show in early 2018, Alternative Sin Catwalk, tell us more about the event!:

The event is a giant collaboration between different models, brands and performers!

There are stalls to buy fashion garments and there is also charity buckets for Cancer Research UK. We have burlesque and glow staff performers as well as popular suicide girls and xtreme playpen girls.

Where can people go to buy from your brand?

My shop is on etsy as darker than sin and also I have an Instagram for the brand with exclusive items and to see everything before its available on etsy.


What drew you into photography?

I initially studied photography for fun and then kind of realised I really enjoyed it enough to make a career out of it. I also realised that people started to want my images and pay for my time. Therefore, I am currently doing a degree into freelance photography.

Are you trying to portray a message with your work? If so, what is that message?

My images don’t always portray a message sometime a collection of my images can. I have done a exploration of genders project which included a range of photographs. However, sometimes my images are just for aesthetic purposes, this also includes my fantasy photography collection.

There are many different types of photography, which have you tried and which is your favourite?

So I have tried all types of photography, landscape, portraiture, fine art photography, documentary photography, but my favourite is definitely fashion photography. I enjoy working with models to create something interesting, professional and clean cut.

What motivates you to continue taking photographs?

My motivation is probably for my career, I’ve already invested 18 grand this year to do this university course I can’t turn back now and I doubt I will ever want to.

I do generally enjoy doing my work and I wouldn’t want to lose what I have started building for myself.

Model: Thrash Monroe

Which photographer do you aspire to be like and why?

I don’t aspire to be another photographer, I want to make my work in my own style and create art in my own way. I am influenced by other work but I don’t look at a single photographer to replicate their style.

What do you enjoy most about photography?

I just enjoy going out to create something interesting, it’s pretty simple for me.

Finally, what is in store for you in the next year?

Next year I am just getting on with my catwalk, running model auditions for the 2019 catwalk and trying to work with more designers, photographers and models!

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