Musicians of the Month: BELAU

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed for our magazine; you have been nominated Musicians of The Month! How does that feel?

That’s very heart-warming for us, thank you very much for the kind nomination. We really appreciate every feedback, especially positives ones. Hope your readers will find pleasure in our music.

You have just released an album, tell us more about it:

We have released our debut full-length, The Odyssey one year ago, which was a huge step for us musically. It was a concept album about the Mediterranean culture, a journey through Europe. Since then we have toured in more than 14 European countries, had the pleasure of winning the Hungarian Grammy Awards (called the Fonogram) as the best electronic album of the year. So the story goes on… but the fresh news is that we have just released a brand new song, called Redefine, which will hopefully show you the renewed side of Belau 2018.

So, tell us about you. How long have you been in the industry?

Belau is a duo founded by Péter Kedves, accompanied by Krisztián Buzás; a story which has started a little more than two years ago. Our first live show was in the January of 2016 supporting Com Truise (US) at one of the best Hungarian venues, since than we tried to achieve as much as we could possibly can. Peter earlier worked as a manager for bands, but this is his musical introduction towards the industry. Krisztián worked as a journalist for music magazines and also has a metal band, Orient Fall.

What and/or who inspires your music?

In our conceptual productions our journeys and adventures are the most influential experiences we are trying to express throughout music, although obviously we have musical influences like Portishead, Bonobo and Saltillo as classics and from the modern scene Odesza or Alex Vargas for example.

What are your most proud moment of your career?

We had several big moments in our carrier: first music video and first show, releasing our full-length, touring in 14 countries, playing 110 shows in two years, once playing before 10.000 people, making friends, BBC played our song, winning the Hungarian Grammy Awards and obviously meeting with people who were influenced by our music in a very sensitive way.

What would you say the worst moment has been so far?

You know concerts sometimes don’t work out as well as we want them: once we have played for like 50 very old pensioners at an awful place with terrible sound system. That was fun in one way, but horrible in another.

What do you have planned for the next year?

As we mentioned, we have just released a brand new song, Redefine featuring our live vocalist Böbe Szécsi and its showing you the sound of 2018’s Belau. We are planning at least 50 shows next year, most of them abroad, but our main project is to write and record for LP2.

Is there anything else you would like to talk about that we haven’t mentioned yet?

You may not know, that our debut album has featured several different female vocalists, who made some amazing job with their unique skills. So far we have only worked with girls as vocalists, and that’s a concept we may not change on in the near future.

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