Phoenix Women: soaring after rising from the ashes

This is a peer support group for women who have endured/survived sexual assault (and rape). There's no need to face it alone. Everyone has their own coping and survival strategies, but being able to find others who have walked on the same path gives us strength to go on. We’re a group of women that want to speak to other women and support each other. We really value having a space where we can talk and be listened to in a loving, supportive and understanding environment. However you're feeling about your traumatic experience there will be no judgement here within this group - we all react differently to trauma and that's okay. Come see us. The forum will be open for us to freely talk from our hearts. Participation is voluntary. You can share what you want when you feel you are ready. This is a confidential space where we aim to feel respected and supported. Talking about our struggle helps us and can help others too. You're very welcome to join us.

Contact: for further details.

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