New Year, New Me and All That Jazz: Fitness and Exercise Soundtrack

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, we all now know it’s a brand-new year and opportunities for a fresh start are in the atmosphere. It’s the time of year where we make resolutions to ourselves about loosing weight, getting fitter, go out more, give up smoking etc.

Loosing Weight often comes up in conversation when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, especially when it comes to loosing that holiday weight from eating too much turkey, chocolate, cheese and drinking a lot of booze and sugary drinks. Most of us go to the gym or for a run to shed those extra pounds and most of us like to zone into our own worlds by cranking up the tunes on your iPod/Phone/MP3 player.

For initial research for this article, this question was posed to people: what songs do you like to work out to? Do you have certain songs or albums for different workouts? We had a great response from the community. Some interesting responses in fact to particular workouts.

Fans of Black Metal will be pleased to hear that somebody mentioned MARDUK’s Panzer Division was the ideal choice for a run, particularly when it comes to that last-minute sprint at the very end. From listening to this particular track it’s very easy to see why; the rapid movements from the guitars and drums matched with equally aggressive vocals will make anyone run as fast as they can.

On the subject of running, there was another choice track for this particular exercise. The classic song from Don Mclean American Pie. One can imagine that this track will make the runner smile hearing this classic, with its upbeat rhythm and familiar tune that has you singing along.

Other rockers and metal heads eagerly came forward with their choices; there were an array of choices from classic anthems such as Eye Of The Tiger that doesn’t often need an explanation as to why it’s a great track to work out to.

There was one that stuck out as a great work out track. Man and Machine by German Powerhouse U.D.O. The intro of this track alone will inspire anyone to get up and out running, lifting weights or whatever you like to do keep fit. It has a pumping rhythm, strong melody and motivational ambience that will ensure you stick to your workout, making it much more satisfactory when you finish.

I have a lot of songs I like to work out to. There are some I save for particular parts of the workouts I do in the gym, I noticed a lot of them have sweeping, pumping rhythms that keep me motivated. Sometimes the more aggressive tracks help push harder for that extra repetition when lifting weights or dumbbells. One that comes to mind is the track Ravenhead by German Power Metal outfit Orden Ogan. A lot of their songs motivate you to get out of bed in the morning so a lot of their songs are great for working out to. Ravenhead’s rapid rhythm throughout makes it great for the cardio part of the work out yet it has a sweeping melody that makes it great for the weighty part of the track.

So what tracks are on your playlist for the gym, run or whatever you like to do to keep fit? We would love to hear your choices.

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