The Struggle

It should come to no surprise to anyone that life is a struggle. For, life has always been a struggle hasn’t it? It seems like the struggle simply morphs and changes and grows with you as you age, never truly leaving. A constant, solemn companion. One that reminds you not to get too comfortable or content, to remain humble and prepared.

I feel like I have been struggling terribly the past year. Even more so in the past few months.

I have a problem that materialises in the influx of amazing ideas en masse, with no space left to focus on any one easily. Therefore my brain is very much a mess of barbed wire. Everything connects somehow to everything else and it is difficult to map out a logical liner path towards a goal without getting distracted by about 50-100 other things. This is extremely frustrating for me. Especially as I feel I use to be very good at organising myself with focused projects through to completion before starting… at least too many more things in the meantime.

The world seems to be getting bigger, scarier and I feel I’m getting lost and swept away in a tidal wave. I have been losing faith in myself more and more each year, yet… as much as I feel like completely giving up and giving in, something is keeping me going.

You can find hope, a drive for survival or to achieve more than just surviving in many places. I still firmly believe that I am on this earth to make a mark, on whatever degree that may be. I am here to be more than your ‘average Joe’ floating through life not making any ripples.

I have burning passions. These give me strength. The thought of being able to help another human being, saving the planet, creating something revolutionary. Becoming the best version of myself. That’s what I strive for.

It’s a lot to do with perspective. I’m sure you’ve come across this saying before. If you are able to change your perspective on a situation, you are able to find the positive in a dire situation. It’s how we should be encouraged to look at failure. Failure shouldn’t be so negative. So you didn’t get it perfect the first time round. So your venture has fallen flat. So the cake got burnt. Yes, it can be incredibly upsetting. BUT, it’s how we learn. We learn better from making mistakes and therefore learning what not to do, or why ‘that way’ doesn’t work. We learn how to adapt. How to tweak something to make it better, bit by bit.

We live in an instantaneous world. A world with instant messaging and next day delivery. We have become impatient as a society. We don’t know how to take our time any more, how to enjoy the length of a process, how to enjoy the journey. This has put on an extreme amount of pressure and stress on us.

Perhaps we need to address this…

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