Happiness and Wellness: My Happy Playlist

Whether I have needed comfort or strength music has always been there for me and continues to bring that feeling of safety. I love its power of being able to bring people together and help us to remember the great times.

Inspired by a chapter of Ferne Cotton’s book Happy, I made up a Happy Playlist on Spotify; something I can turn to when I am having a low day. So here is a list of some of the songs on my playlist. These never fail to bring a smile to my face; whether because the song is a feel-good number or because that it reminds me of a certain place, time or someone, this is my happy playlist.

Rob Zombie – Dragula

For some this might be a weird choice to kick off the list but for me it’s so right. I first came across this song in my teenage years when first stumbling across the heavier end of the music spectrum. The song’s bouncy rhythm and catchy chorus grabbed my attention instantly. When the song starts playing I always smile as it brings back memories of getting into rock/metal music. It also brings back the recent memory of when a group of us started dancing the macarena routine to this song at an alternative night club.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast - Belle

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has been a favourite film of mine since I was a child and continues to be a favourite; I love the story, characters and the songs. I always remember thinking this particular song was the best way to start to film with it’s upbeat tune full of life and power. I also really like the story it tells, giving us a lot of detail about the character and her situation in one song.

Chumbawamba – Tubthumping

This is one song that usually gets us dancing at those cheesy discos when you’ve had a bit to drink. This often happens at family occasions, work parties etc. I first heard this song back in the 90s when I was a tiny tot at my school disco, I particularly remember the teachers having a dance to this tune complete with the song’s choreography. As well as the catchy tune and the bouncy rhythm making me feel happy, I think it reminds me of seeing my teachers in a new light; in a happier and stress free light.

Sabaton – The Last Stand

A lot of songs by Swedish Power Metal outfit SABATON often fill me with energy and empowerment. Their album The Last Stand was released in 2016; the first year my boyfriend and I started dating, since then the title song of the album has become very special. Whenever it starts playing and we are in the same room, we will dance to it with each other like no-one else is watching. It will always remind me of those moments and that’s why this song makes me happy.

Hanson – MMMBop

I don’t know what it is about this song but every time I hear HMMBop, it just simply brings a smile across my face. The tune is upbeat and the melody has a very feel good vibe about it, yes some of you might think it’s cheesy and you’re right. Like it or not, it is often good to have those types of songs in our lives that make us feel happy or keep us laughing.

Nightwish – Over The Hills and Far Away

Symphonic Metal Story Tellers NIGHTWISH have been part of my music collection for a long time and they are not to about to go away anytime soon. Their incredible cover of Gary Numan’s Over The Hills and Far Away were one of my strong introductions to the band; the folkish melodies from the keyboards, the amazing guitar work, thunderous drums and powerful vocals work together well. This song cheered me when I was in those dark places in my teenage years and it continues to keep me smiling whenever I hear it.

Disney’s Pocahontas – Colours Of The Wind

To round up the few songs that are part of my happy playlist, here’s a song from Disney’s Pocahontas. I personally love the story of two different worlds coming together in harmony, a timeless story that can be passed down the generations. This song sums up this powerful message very well through the lyrics and the melody. The song helps me to feel free and happy, which is why this song is on my Happy Playlist.

What songs make you feel happy? Do they remind you of certain events or people? Is it simply because you enjoy the song?

I would love to hear your choices, in the meantime make your own happy playlist on Spotify, iTunes or whatever music software you use. See the lists Ferne’s Get Happy Playlist or Happy Lotty (my personal playlist) on Spotify now for inspiration.

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