Our Plastic Plague

Hello modern world, we need to talk.

There’s a plague that WE, as a race, are solely responsible for unleashing on the world, and it’s plastic.

Thanks to our exponential growth of population and our hungry for convenient consumerism, we have infected Mother Earth and her living creatures with plastic. No one is surprised to hear about plastic waste floating around rivers or canals let alone the open ocean. What people are finding shocking, is the consequence of having this waste in our global water system.

We’ve known about the dreadful consequences of having plastic can holders and plastic straws roaming around our oceans for decades now. Seeing heartbreaking photos and videos of marine animals struggling and needing rescue from getting tangled, caught up and trapped with this waste. Yet, this plague has evolved.

For years, studies have found micro plastics in fish. It has been one of those easily brushed over matters of importance that the media has shied away from. What should have been a global emergency until rectified has been hidden under trivial stories and over-dramatic tales. Once again, this plague has evolved.

Plastic has been present in our oceans for so long that micro plastics have now been found in supermarket sea salts in several different countries!

So the vast majority of us will be consuming both fish and sea salt containing micro plastics, as “part of a healthy diet”…. THAT’S NOT HEALTHY!

So what needs to be done? What can we do to change this? What can YOU do?

There are some AMAZING innovative solutions that I’ve come across in this new year that will all combat Our Plastic Plague.

Simple things YOU can do to make a difference:

+Actually USE your long-life shopping bags you bought as a replacement for plastic ‘throw-away’ bags.

+Refuse one use plastic straws.

+Use refillable/permanent coffee and water containers.

+Plog - collect rubbish including recyclable waste, while out on runs and then recycle the rubbish you collect, and get fit while making a bigger difference!

+ Shop at and support the growth of Zero Waste Shops

Revolutionary solutions that should be shared and supported:

+Plastic Roads

+Mexico’s Vertical Gardens

+ Dutch designers developing biodegradable algae ‘plastic’ Links: Facebook video

DeZeen article

Mental Floss article

+Edible plates and cutlery

+Adidas has launched a yoga line made from recycled ocean plastic!

Change is happening, and I’m so excited about it, BUT we ALL need to feed the cure. We ALL need to support the solutions, change our habits and lifestyles in order to bring our sweet Mother Earth back to her healthy and most incredibly beautiful self.

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