T U R Y A - Debut Album Ocean

What is the inspiration behind your debut album ‘Ocean’?

It’s exploring the idea of self discovery, allowing yourself to go through life experiences, opening yourself up to vulnerability, getting hurt when that openness isn’t valued and ultimately finding your sense of peace with yourself through self acceptance.

Ocean is a journey of discovery, emotion and maturity. Was this an important journey for you, and what did you learn? Did you go through a transition when writing the album?

Absolutely. It was a long process to make the album with 3 different drafts, all with different songs in quite different production styles and moods. I had to find out what it was that I wanted to say musically. And then I had to go through my own emotional rollercoaster and so, the music for what was to become Ocean started coming out naturally and speaking for itself.

How long did it take to write and record the full album?

The early draft of it started as early as 2012. So yes, a very long time ago! I had done two album drafts before the third and final one, each with completely different songs and then I went through quite an emotionally intense time and so all the new songs I was writing in that period were becoming more consistent in feeling so we went down a new direction of very stripped back material and it became the album that it is today.

Were there any key people involved? How did they influence the album?

Yes, Nitin Sawhney was very much involved in the production of this record. I have worked with him since I was 21, so he certainly did influence my sound. The production on this record has his signature sound on it but he treated it in a very subtle and elegant manner.

What is your favourite song on the album and what does it mean to you?

Probably the title track Ocean because when I wrote it, it summarised everything I felt at that time. It was like a ‘full stop’ song for me. It’s ultimately about surrender, being swallowed up and submerged. The Ocean represents something much greater than ourselves, something all-encompassing. The lyrics “Ocean, you humble me down as I float among your waves” are about being in awe of its vastness then losing yourself in it to be carried along in its flow.

Can you sum up ‘Ocean’ in one word (obviously not Ocean)? Why did you choose this word?

One word to sum up Ocean the album? I think it would ‘Submerged'. To be submerged fully in a feeling, submerged in a moment, in an experience and then to lose yourself to be submerged in the Ocean. Drowning your individuality and sense of identity to be part of a greater whole.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned in your musical career?

Be Humble. Be Kind. Be Hard Working.

What’s been the best moment of your career so far?

Moving people to tears and having such a personal affect on people. Makes me feel that there is a purpose to me writing these songs.

Who would you love to duet with if you could choose anyone?

Dead or alive? Dead: Jeff Buckley, Alive: Joni Mitchel or Kate Bush

What can we expect from your upcoming gig at the St Pancras Old Church on 23rd July?

A special night with wonderful musicians (my amazing band), honest songs and also a taste of TURYA’s new horizon by hearing some of my new material!

You have a really interesting travel history, having lived in the Himalayas. Where has been the most inspiring place? And how has London affected your music, and your album?

Growing up in Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, India was very inspiring to me as a child, the culture certainly had a huge impact on me. London’s vibrant cultural diversity has most likely affected my music. I love how creatively expressive and culturally diverse London is.

What other artists inspire you, or influence your music?

There are so many its hard to say in just a few names. I think any artist who is genuine in their self expression, an honest writer, musically imaginative and someone who breaks boundaries and normalities grabs my attention and respect.

What’s next for TURYA?

I expect we’ll be gigging this album for a while, might do a small tour. I’m already writing album number two so that might come next year already.

Is there anything else you would like to add about Ocean and the process?

I had an amazing time creating Ocean. It’s been a solid and intense journey so far and now I can’t wait to share these songs and invite you all on this journey with me.



You can find T U R Y A's debut album at the following links:

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/1UOEYJx81RJSLVTK2TK80F

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/turyamusic/sets/turya-ocean/s-pW0IJ​

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