Being Published - Alpha & Omega in Elusive Dreams

I have been modelling for a while now, around 4 years in fact.

I love modelling! It is empowering and freeing, you get to meet and make friends with some amazing people and work on wonderful projects together. All the hard work will pay off and you will be left with beautiful images. And these images can do a great many things! You can tell a story, bring across a message, express something your passionate about or simply just have fun through modelling/photography.

A few months ago I did a water shoot for the first time ever. Ok, so... possibly following a popular trend as there seems to be an influx in water shoots across the photography world, but there's nothing wrong with that!

I am not what you would call... traditional in my style and artistic expression. I do not really like to or want to simply copy and reproduce similar works to other people. My time for working on modelling projects has become shorter as the years have progressed and so I am not about to take part in a project that I do not have a passionate connection with.

Greet the conceptual birth of Alpha & Omega.

Wanting to always get the most out of my time, I opted to attempt 2 different looks on this shoot. The first, a sweet and innocent look. One of a girl who has been sheltered from the world, who is blissfully ignorant of any troubles or stress. She floats through her life with ease.

The second look, I wanted to be more dramatic. This would be that same girl, but transformed by exposure to the real world. Realising the pain, hatred and negativity that exists in real life, she has had to adapt to survive. She had grown into a strong women, wiser to dangers and able to look after herself.

I discussed and developed the idea for this shoot with photographer Tony Cooney and make-up artist Eloise Amy, and together I feel we produced beautiful photos that did the original idea justice!

And then to be published in online magazine Elusive Dreams! What joy!! But it was also frustrating! If you've ever had experience with publications, you'll know it can take a while to be published, and of course in the meantime, you cannot spoil the pending publication by sharing images! So I had to sit tight for a few months as we ironed out which photos were to be used, a concise paragraph about the project and then for an article space to become available.

I am very proud of this project and I would encourage you to check out and support TT Visuals, Eloise-Amy Make-up Artist and of course Elusive Dreams magazine.

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