We Are Stronger Together: Buhurt #bikinipullup Challenge

On 14th June, a HMB female fighter came up with a brilliant idea to bring the women of the sport together through a fitness challenge.

Now, it is a somewhat stereotypical statement, but you often find that many women (not all) cannot execute a strict pull-up. There are many reasons for this, usually because for whatever reason, even if into fitness, women tend to train lower body strength rather than upper body strength. So the idea of the buhurt #bikinipullup challenge was born. The root challenge being to develop your strength specifically in order to perform 2 strict pull-ups at the end of 30 days.

The challenge was met with much enthusiasm and determination from women across the globe! And soon our group page was filled with motivational videos showing our current ability and our progress.

Throughout the month there were constant updates from all participants at various stages of the challenge, and there were no negative comments to be seen! If someone was struggling, or someone was not developing good form, other more experienced fighters would constructively criticise or encourage them to keep on pushing and keep on going.

And sure enough, we saw progress from everyone!

It feels so amazing and encouraging to be in a sporting community full of such good will and thirst to see and support each other to grow not only in strength but in knowledge, skill and technique.

We can all find it difficult to get off the sofa, turn off Netflix or Youtube and to actually get out the house to do physical exercise. To make the effort, knowing you're going to sweat, and ache, and it will be hard. Yet with this many people backing you, encouraging you and supporting you, it's difficult not to keep pushing yourself!

Remember, although it is possible and admirable to do something all on your lonesome, it is better, possibly even easier, to do it with help. And that is brilliant isn't it?


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