At the risk of being labelled 'mentally deranged' or 'hippie', I have to say that the moral of this story is precisely that we ought to make any act of kindness and/or love that we can, so I take my chances. Sharing the story, as far as I am concerned, is a way of pushing the ripples further, maybe even trigger some more of these 'happenings'. At the very least I think it will bring smiles and that is more than fine. Here is the story.

Her name is Molly. We are not old friends. We have met just once, and once only was what I needed to remember her dearly and make something out of her legacy.

I have consciously been fighting for a number of years to create a better world. But following a long chain of mishaps and misfortunes that left little room in between them I had come to the conclusion that deleting myself from the equation was going to make the world a better place. It was one of those days when ALL doors had been slammed in my face. Even my best friends were out of reach. I had made the decision. I had enough of grief and could not endure it any more. I had asked the universe for a sign. All was to be ended that day. I just needed one more walk up the hill, then round the woods, then head for the cliff.

I was walking numbly by the greens, fiercely clutching my bus ticket which I was still considering as an option to shorten the torture. There she was, my messenger, walking towards me with a rose in her hands. The two men that stayed behind her shouted to lure her back. She dismissed them with a giggle.

- Ain't drunk. I'm fine. Leave me alone! She turned to face me again. - I am not drunk. - No. I know. Don't worry. - But it's really sad. I... Don't you think? I... I've got this flower for myself. That's sad. Is it not? (Gestures to give me the flower, but I don't take it). - No. Er... I guess you could still afford to buy one for yourself...That's good...? - You're nice. Where are you going? - Erm...dunno...Home? - Home? And where are your friends? Are you on your own? I nodded. - Have you been with them earlier? - No, I was on my own. - But, hey! What's that? What's wrong? Have you fallen out with your friends? - Not really... - But seriously...What's happened to you? - Life. - (Giggling surprised) I say the same thing! I like you. (Staring at me inquisitive) - ... Er... Uh... I don't really know… it's all been turned upside down ...Uh... I'm not sure anymore. I feel like the world before me is crumbling down. (She looks at me and offers me the flower). - Take it. - No. ... It's yours... - I thought my story was sad... - Well, now you can smile. You're lucky because it could be worse. - True. - It can always be soo much worse. (She tries to give me the flower)... Can I give you a hug? (She peers in my eyes and hugs me). - Everything is going to be alright. (She whispered to my ear). - Thank you! (She gives me the rose and I take it). - You know, you can always find new friends. Meet people. I nodded. - I am Molly. What's your name? - Err... ***. - You hesitated. That's not your name. Why'd you make it up? - No, *** it's my name. It's just ... Uh... I always make a fuss. People wouldn't get it right. So often times I give up and say it like they'd say it. - Ok. ***, right? - Yes. - Then, it's fine. Just tell them your name is *** and they'll call you ***. - Are you new in town? - No, but most of my friends are going away. - What about your house? - Alone. - Well, you can always knock next door, or downstairs and say 'Hi! I'm ***, your neighbour'. - Haha. Sure! They're gonna love me... It's two o'clock... - Yeah, why not? - By the way, your friends seem impatient. - What? Psh… No. It's my boyfriend and his best friend. Ignore them... Come here! (She hugs me again) - Er...Thank you! - But, go home and talk to your neighbours. - It's late now. - OK. Promise me that tomorrow you'll do that. - ...Uh...(She stares dead serious) I will talk to strangers. I promise. (She hugs me again and kisses me). - You're not alone. Promise me you'll make friends. - Thank you. Promise. - I... I sometimes go to this place at the top of the hill with magic tricks. D'you know? It's fun. It makes me feel good, and there are nice people there too. You should go there. - I will. - Take your flower. I'm sorry. I was told it was real, but it seems a bit fake now. - Don't worry. It's the thought that counts. Thank you! (We hug each other) Molly, you're not alone, and never will be. You've got Molly in here (signalling her heart). - Neither are you. You've got *** in yours. - Thank you ever so much! - Take your fake flower, go home and get some rest. Make new friends. Have a good life! Maybe we'll see each other again.

As we waved goodbye a boy came past me. I assume he witnessed part of my encounter because he was slowly walking in my direction when he spoke to me.

- A rose, huh? - Yes, do you want it? - No. Thank you. - Well. I am passing it on to you so you can pass it too. Give it to a friend. - Uh... I have no one. I am new. - Even better. Then make a new friend or give it to a stranger.

He smiled. He took the flower. We parted ways.

do not spare a chance to be kind or give love.Molly's flower encounter is a materialization of kindness and love. I got my message:

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