Project Dream Team: This is Halloween

The Dream Team are a group of amateur Photographers, Models and Make-Up Artists who organize a themed photo shoot each month at various venues and locations around the Bristol area. The whole ethos of the team is for everyone to work together, in order to create some worthwhile images. We don't offer training as such, but we do offer encouragement and support to all members before, during and after the photoshoot. All members are invited to meet up at a social event each month (prior to a photo shoot) to discuss anything that could be an issue. There is no pressure to attend every shoot and members are free to leave the team at any time. Quite a few models have gone on to bigger and better things, and hopefully others in the team will follow suit.

The team has undertaken 53 group shoots to date and the majority of them have been very well attended. Our most recent shoot was our annual Halloween/Horror shoot held at Blaise Castle Estate on Sunday 21st October. This theme is always popular as there are no restraints on costumes or, more importantly, the make-up. This is the one theme where make-up artists can 'go to town' and create some awesome effects. It's also the one theme where photographers can put their editing skills to the test and create some fantastic images.

The Halloween shoot started at 10am with everyone arriving at the car park. Once most of the members had arrived we carried all the necessary costumes, cameras, lighting etc. to our base camp, alongside woodland that was going to be used as a backdrop for the day's shooting. Whilst the models were being prepared, the photographers wandered off into the woods looking for favourable areas to shoot the models in. Old trees, leaf-filled ditches and areas covered with moss looked to be favourites.

During the shoot itself, both models and photographers came up with ideas. Several props were introduced and the photographers tried all kinds of angles and positions to make the images look more interesting. Usually, the best images are captured spontaneously and sometimes just by pure luck.

All in all, it was a good shoot and many decent images were produced.

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