The Death of the Plastic World?

Ok, so let’s be honest, plastic will never disappear completely from our lives. And there’s no reason certain plastics shouldn’t if they are used in the right way. But something we must all be terribly aware of by now is that we need to stop using one-use throwaway plastics, because it’s killing our world. Single-use plastic items have been recorded as making up around 50% of marine litter!

Amazing news hit the internet this month when MEPs backed the EU’s plan to ban throwaway plastics by 2021!

According to the European Parliament press release, single-use plastic items make up over 70% of marine litter. This includes plates, cutlery, straws, balloon sticks and cotton buds. MEPs moved to also ban products made from expanded polystyrene and others made from oxo-degradable plastics such as bags or packaging. These bans will be active from 2021.

As well as the above bans, there are efforts to reduce non-banned plastics in hopes to encourage multiple use, recycling and upcycling of such plastics.

They hope to have plastics such as drinks bottles collected separately and recycled at a rate of 90% by 2025.

There is much, much more that was discussed which you can read about in the press release and isn’t this fantastic!? Governing bodies are making big efforts to reduce adding onto the damage we have made from living in such a plastic world. This is a much-needed move in the right direction that has taken far too long to get there, but the important thing is it is moving there.

Yet we must make more of an effort individually as well as communally. We can make a bigger difference now through the choices we make rather than waiting for it to become law before we let it begin.

It is a lot easier than you think to stop using single-use plastic products, but it does take a bit of effort. That effort is what will make the true difference! We have been coaxed into a lazy lifestyle and it’s not only harming us as people, it’s killing our planet!

Every time we throw a recyclable into the general rubbish bin instead of the recycling bin, we are adding to the overflowing landfills that spill out into nature, poisoning and suffocating wildlife.

Every time we buy products made from one-use plastics, even if that’s the bag they come in, we are encouraging the companies who produce them to keep up production!

It takes a little amount of effort from many individuals to make a massive lasting difference. Some small useful tips are as follows:

  1. Fix your caffeine fix. Carry a reusable coffee cup or flask. ...

  2. Bring your own bottle. Stop buying throwaway plastic bottles, just like your morning coffee run, invest in a reusable bottle!...

  3. Say no to plastic cutlery. There are biodegradable alternatives or you can buy yourself a handy camping cutlery set that is compact and you can keep on you, some even attach to keyrings!...

  4. Straws suck. Either say no or invest in biodegradable or reusable straws instead...

  5. Ditch the cling wrap. Although it is convenient, it is not recyclable. Replace cling film with foil or invest in an environmentally friendly alternative such as Beeswax Wraps...

  6. Teabags. Take a look into it, a lot of tea bags contain micro-plastics which will end up in the environment. You can either use loose tea leaf tea instead, or invest in biodegradable teabag teas such as Pukka Tea or Teapigs...

  7. Give up gum. There are plenty of other ways to refresh your breath without chewing on something that even your stomach cannot digest!...

  8. Glitter, the one member of the party that NEVER leaves! There are biodegradable and environmentally friendly glitters out there that can feed your sparkle without adding damage to our planet. If you are UK based try Glittertastics!

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