Interview: Immerse yourself with Natasha Trigg and Ballet.

Natasha Trigg, Ballet Dancer

Ballet dancer Natasha Trigg started her career at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. At just thirteen she was accepted into the Royal Ballet Associates programme and invited for full-time education at White Lodge, The Royal Ballet’s lower school.

Simultaneously she joined LSC and danced in Images, touring around the UK. Since graduating Natasha has performed with The Sarasota Ballet Company in Florida, Murley Dance Company, The New English Ballet Theatre, London Contemporary Ballet Theatre and The English National Ballet.

Natasha is a passionate and talented immersive artist and on 30th November, will be starring in Vox Vanguards performance of The Nutcracker.

We were lucky enough to have the chance to interview her ahead of this exciting performance.

1. You have had a wonderful career as a ballet dancer. What has been the highlights for you?

I couldn’t possibly pin one moment or performance as I feel like all the work I have done to date has made me the artist I am now.

2. Who are your biggest inspirations?

As far as dancers go it has to be Isabella Bolyston. I find her dancing so infectious, she’s stunning!!

I have a long list of inspirational woman in my life, any single mums I take my hat off to, but most of all my biggest inspiration is my mum Katherine. She is an insanely talented artist and super mum!

3. When did you become interested in immersive performance?

My first immersive performance was in fact with Vox (Vanguard). I was offered to play the role of “Lucy” in their version of Lion The Witch and the wardrobe for Boodles. I found it so exciting and something new I could get my teeth into! We don’t often have the chance to see the reactions of the audience and I quite enjoyed breaking that barrier between us!

4. Can you tell us about your performance in the upcoming Vox Vanguard's performance of the Nutcracker?

For the Drosselmeyer's Workshop, I will be playing Clara and the Sugar Plum fairy! I’m currently in rehearsals for Sugar Plum with a ballet company over Christmas so the role is pretty current to me! Vox’s version of the Nutcracker is very different in the most inventive and exciting way. It’s going to make you feel very festive and in the middle of the action!!

5. What makes this performance of The Nutcracker so special?

To me all Vox’s performances are very special. They are completely original and like no performance created before! Every single one is bespoke and creative bringing into the light a new story and broadening the network of artist collaborating across many mediums. It’s a luxury blend of artistry.

6. What should people expect from this performance?

To be taken on fabulous journey full of surprises! Stepping into the workshop and seeing the toys come to life like never before.

7. The performance is an eclectic mix of art, fashion, dance and song (have we missed anything). What makes this show, and your performance so exciting?

To have an incredibly talented cast of musicians, dancers, actors, acrobats and creatives surrounding me altogether performing a brilliant’re going to get something pretty special!

8. Is the future of theatre of immersive?

I think the industry won’t only go in the direction of immersive performances however I think immersive theatre is a new ground-breaking way of breaking down barriers and making the arts more accessible to the public. It’s a more luxurious and intimate way of performing and bringing the audience into the world of a performer.

9. What skills do you need in immersive theatre, that you don't need in traditional theatre?

I think you have to be able to have fun and know that things will change on every performance. Sometimes you may have your solo or your pas de deux so planned but then you get out there and there are groups of people stood in the spot you’re meant to dance. It makes every performance brand new and you have to learn to think fast and adapt to every situation. I find it very enjoyable!

10. Why should people come and watch The Nutcracker?

Because this Nutcracker is like no other!!! You will get an up close interaction with the toys in Drosselmeyer's shop and become a part of the story. Take photo's with the performers in full costume and create your own story! Not to mention drinks and a live DJ at the end! So exciting!

Find out more about Natasha and follow her on Instagram. Vox Vanguard's performance of The Nutcracker will take place at the Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch, London on 30th November. Tickets available here.

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