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Locked Down

Just an introduction, yes, this isn’t the best circumstances.

But there are good things coming out of it.

From someone who lives in Southmead (and yes, most Bristol born people will hear that and go ew, let me finish).

I was quite surprised, before we were properly quarantined, someone went round my parents area, putting little leaflets through the door, which looked adorably hand printed, saying they were a teen, and would happily go pick up certain things if people couldn’t leave their homes for them.

Which I thought, for the area I grew up in, was pretty damn adorable.

There are some good people out there I thought, it’s restored a little bit of faith in humanity.

Good news comes with blah news, for all of those who are preaching that the hole in the ozone layer is getting smaller because of the quarantine, sad to say, you’re not entirely correct.

The ozone layer has been healing since 2015/2016, the difference in the past months isn’t noticeable in the maps (please see sources/links at the bottom).

The ozone layer fluctuates with the weather patterns, actually because of abnormal weather patterns in 2019, it was the smallest on record for the Southern Hemisphere since it’s discovery. So there is something good, it is on track to being smaller, and not all doom and gloom.

In the Northern Hemisphere, there is another hole in the ozone layer that has formed because of differing weather phenomena, this doesn’t threaten people’s health and should break apart in the coming weeks, it’s just a rare phenomenon, which 2020 seems to be bringing in abundance. This is part of the reason we’ve ended up with so much heat, which keeps our outlook positive in trying current times.

That being said, Venice as well, isn’t as ‘nature reset’ as people on Twitter have been making out, yes, the water is clearer because there’s less boat traffic, but no, there are no dolphins or swans, those were taken in different areas. Not to say it’s all bad, the air quality because of the lack of traffic has improved, and by the looks of it, so has the overall countries spirit, which has been a lovely thing to see on social media.

This seems to be in England too, loads of social media stories popping up about people clapping for the NHS or doing fun things on their streets. I’ve heard stories from friends of people sharing their spare rooms to keep older people safe, friends keeping other friends who didn’t want to go home because they didn’t want to be a risk to someone vulnerable they live with.

This is the community spirit people need at this time.

Now I know we’re all struggling with finding things to do, there’s exercise (there are wonderful Youtubers out there who do exercises to follow along with, personal favourites are Blogilates, Yoga With Adriene, and Emi Wong) or there are classes you can take, we can all take this time to just get an extra qualification for the hell of it, productivity helps keep sanity sometimes!

There are websites for this as well, such as Reed, or EDX, both that I have used myself and would recommend, Reed always has some sort of sale on and EDX has free courses you can take and pay at the end for a certificate!

Now for those of you that have kids at home, there is always BBC Bitesize for a range of ages, though their post 16 stuff does seem a bit lacking but if they’re post 16, there is always the other sites that I have mentioned to grab their interest.

The time we have at home gives us the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends we ‘just haven’t had time to message’, I hope all of us are learning from the news that we should cherish our loved ones at this moment, see if your neighbour needs a hand doing something, call your parents, ring your friends or message them.

If this isn’t your thing there are always Podcasts, Netflix, Audible, good old Youtube that some of us haven’t caught up on in months because of life getting in the way.

The way to listen and watch things and not have to speak to people, that or gaming community, this is your time to shine!

Maybe you’ll find time to clean (honestly, I’ve tried and it has not gone well), or do the project you were meaning to do but didn’t have the time, (personally that was done to avoid the cleaning, but now I have a scarf!)

Now is a time to band together, be part of that British Community thing we seem to have going on (which is where this ramble started).

I know it seems hard, but sod it, we have each other, and that is sometimes all you really need.

Oh, and if it wasn’t obvious enough already

Stay The F*** At Home!


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