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July 31, 2017

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Live For Your Today

January 31, 2017

Live for Your Today


And lo the spell was broken

The twisted curse had gone

The new year came with something more

A reprieve, I'd waited so long


And now the truth is out there

For my eyes and mind to see

The pressure faded from my head

The past a memory


I know now what my task may be

Rise up in strength anew

Take the reins of my one life once more

And make more of which was once too few


And to hasten I will heal me In body, soul and mind

Restore the balance that was absent so long

And believe in myself and be kind


For I am by the grace of God By the Goddess and all her court

A wondrous being of power and light

A child of life lessons taught


​​So listen ye of little faith

Though at times may be hard to chew

Each day is precious and must be lived

As our years in this life are too few


At some point you will find yourself

That day in time will come

Remember to be true to yourself

What has gone cannot be undone


Tomorrow is another step

Live it your own way

Heed your inner warnings song

Please live for your today.





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