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July 31, 2017

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Set the Compass

July 4, 2017

I trace this line forward
My path unknown but written
The future moving toward me
With each step taken

I keep each pace even
Steady motion silent beat
Know not where I'm headed
But my course now seemingly set

Feel the ground beneath me
And above the sky so vast
Anxious but resigned to tomorrow
With heavy heart stuck in the past

All the whispers how they deafen
White noise pulsing behind mine eyes
Searching for the reasons
Aching to make sense of what's inside

Wanting to know the answers
Confused by word and glance
Soften my repose
Or steel heart with heavy stance

Though I may never know the reasons
And like carrion it eats away
I tread this new path slowly
This time I know I should not stay

Set the compass northwards
By northwest and cut its course
Winds of change be merciful
Lest this parting be for nought

Bound back toward my homeland
Empty hand but new resolve
New adventures await me
Calm my heart and fill my soul


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