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Wait, Dr Who?

July 31, 2017

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At The Tub

August 1, 2018

At The Tub


-In a room pitch dark no one could hear me. It’s too late now. I just need to do it. I cut the lines close to the veins. It stops all the pain. I let go off the blade and bleed myself dry.-




Someone is in the bathroom and would not come outside. I knock on the door. There is no reply. As the light in there and the shower are on, I come in and cry out my lungs.


What have you done, my love?! I rush in and jump to the tub. I’m dying in my own arms. I hold myself tight. I tell me over and over how much there is to enjoy in life. Darling, don’t go. Don’t die on me. I… I lo… I LOVE YOU!!!



I clutch the decaying body and wish and wish until I finally open my eyes. I’m awake. I am here. I am alive.


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